Cashew & Almonds | Tin Can


Pro Nature Organic Foods provide unique, healthy & 100% Certified Organic food products. They offer food product categories including Flours & Grains, Millets, Breakfast products, Spices, Pulses & Beans, Sweeteners, Dry Fruits, Super Foods, Cold-Pressed Oils & Ready to Eat product range.


The first priority was achieving the targeted sustainability, cost reduction & to keep the product premium.


Up to 40% increase in sales.


As a team we developed a plan to use the tin can as the packaging material, so it will help in solving problems & produce a product with more shelf impact, eliminated a secondary labeling operation, reduced the materials to be used, eliminated waste & it is highly automated production process. I wanted to create an eye-catching, modern packaging design for product & took this into account, when I'm designing the brand. It's important to have a strong, solid brand look, that can then be applied to several other products, and still maintain great structure and equity in the brand, and than came up with the below design with 3D mockups.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Research

  • Design

    Packaging Design, Product Design

  • Client

    Pro Nature Organic Foods

  • Tools

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Cinema 4d

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