Nestlé Cerelac | Box Redesign


I embarked on an exciting design journey inspired by the iconic Nestlé Cerelac packaging. This passion project allowed me to explore the world of packaging design and infuse my creativity into a beloved classic.


I wanted to give the Cerelac packaging a fresh look while keeping the heart and soul of Nestlé intact. This project was a genuine labor of love, fueled by my passion for design and my deep respect for this iconic brand.


This project was a personal endeavor born out of my admiration for Nestlé Cerelac packaging and my passion for design. I poured my creativity and skills into crafting a new packaging concept during my free time. The design pays homage to Nestlé while bringing a unique touch to the product.As a designer, this project reflects my commitment to creative exploration and the joy I find in taking on projects inspired by my own interests.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Packaging Design, Product Design

  • Client


  • Tools

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects & Cinema 4d


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